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OMG! Got the best formula whitening Brand. I tried using dietary supplements in just about a couple of weeks, with my diet i totally have seen big differences in my weight loss

Wendy Velez

I really love this product <3 ung sabon grabe nakaka light sa skin and pwede siya sa mga sensitive skin like me, lalo na ung capsule kasi nakakaputi siya at the same time may effect na nakakapayat. Shobe Emiko Tan

Definitely a must-have on your daily skin care regimen! KB Silver and SNL Dietary Supplement. To maintain a pure and fair skin plus a sexy figure. If you want to achieve that natural glow and sexy body try it now. Super effective! Aj Ocampo

I just want to share my secret for a white glowing skin. It’s not only because my skin is white its also glowing and radiant looking. Kahit pagod and walang ayos im always on the go sa mga photoshoot events without looking haggard. Ma Cristina Arian Tokong

May sasabihin ako sa inyong secret!!! Pero pag sinabe ko wala na, di na secret. Thankyou SnL DIetary Supplement for taking care of my skin and bod!!! With KB, KBahan ka na! www.instagram.com/nicoledelosreyes KB Skin Whitening Brand. #KB #GlowLikeAStar #KBUser #SnL #SnLUser #SlimNLight #SnLDietarySupplement Nicole Delos Reyes

Always take care of your skin and body. Thank you KB Silver and Slim n Light for maintaining my glow and figure. Sofia Miguel

Super love ko this product Mejie Cofee w/ collagen for my healthy white skin <3 and SnL Dietary Supplement for my sexy fit body <3 this is my secret! Mara Sheha Lee

Sharing my secrets! My fave meiji coffee and slimming capsules. The best talaga! Claire Danielle Tang

Want to maintain your sexy body and fair skin? Try the SnL Dietary Supplement and KB Silver. Newly discovered ko mga loves, super worth it! Effective talaga. Very affordable price pa.. Kris Ros

Combination of this two SnL Dietary Supplement and Mejie Coffee with Collagen – With this products my skin get more radiant event when I don’t have enough sleep. Also it makes me look slimmer because of the ingredients of SnL kahit na sobra ako magcrave at kumain. See the result for just a week Joannah See

For those who kept on asking me eto na my secret for having fair and glowing skin. KB Silver Soap para achieve ang #GlowLikeAStar and also to maintain my slim body and mawala ang mga baby fats I’m using Slim N’ Light Dietary Supplement! Affordable and very effective I swear, you should try this mga bes. Airish S Rivera

Been busy lately, always tired and no time for gym. Good this I discovered this Mejie Coffee Plus Collagen by helping me to get energized and SnL Slim and Light Dietary Supplement that whitens and slims down the body creating a healthy glowing skin and slim body. Ally Salvador

Perfect Combination! My new found products, SnL Dietary Supplement and Mejie Coffee with Collagen. Walang time mag work out pero sobrang thankful ako dahil anjan ang SnL, it helps me to get back in shape. Irish Tan

Hi mga loves, eto isa sa secret ko kung bakit na mmaintain ko ang body ko plus kung bakit na achieved ko ang glowing and fair skin ko. I highly recommend SnL and KB Silver Soap, I swear. Maggie Bee Mendros

To get fit is one of my frustrations and you dont know how hard it is for me to maintain the body I have right now. But thanks to Slim N’ Light Dietary Supplement, I dont need to feel guilty at all whenever I have my cheat day meals. It feels like I also had a work out after taking each capsule. China Roces

Thank you SnL for my dietary supplement. Perfect timing for me lalo na bawal pa akong magworkout for a month and sasabayan mo pa ng MEJIE Coffee Plus Collagen na nakaka fresh. Rowielyn Torres

Super thankful ako sa SNL Dietary Supplement & Mejie Coffee Plus Collagen dahil super busy sa events ito ang iniinom ko kahit hindi ako nakakapag gym sexy pa din in just 2 weeks makikita na ang effect. Xena V. Aujero

Fresh always! My favorite coffee has collagen and slimming ingredients. Helps me in shape. Thank you KB for protecting my skin and keeping  it fair. Sofia Romero

Glowing skin is always IN! I love this products. Legit! Janine Pooner

Super love ko talaga tong SnL Dietary Supplement and KB Silver Soap dito lang ako hiyang. Try nyo mga bessy!! Karen Tifanny Generoso

12hrs na yung shift ko sa trabaho nawalan na ko ng time para mag workout pero buti nalang may SnL Dietary Supplement that helps me to get back in shape. Tricia Rose Dominico

At dahil super busy sa work at school, no time na mag gym at mag jogging. Buti nalang nagamit ako ng SnL Dietary Supplement at Mejie Coffee Plus Collagen! Hindi ko kailangang mag worry! So happy at matagal na kong nagamit nito. KL De Leon

This past few weeks puro kain ginawa ko haha so I gained weight and it sucks, then I tried this SnL Dietary Supplement nabawasan naman ang timbang ko. Yesha Alto

Sobrang ganda nya at effective guys! Very affordable price pa! Ashley Anne Miller

My everyday essentials. Been using this products for a few months and I’m inloooove! If you want to get slim fast, try this Slim N’ Light Dietary Supplement, an all natural and very effective supplement that helps you lost weight. Kim Besmonte

Sa SnL Dietary supplements wala akong ganang kumain, nag burn ang fats ko while nag lilighten ang skin ko. Ms. Timmy, 32 years old.

Tried it, I thought the result will be no good pero after 2 days my appetite was suppressed. Friends used to call me ‘chubby’, ‘mukhang monay’ because I had this big, floppy cheeks way back and I really love to eat but when realization that I want to be slim struck me, I chose SnL to become part of the process.. and hindi ako nagkamali! Recommended to take it for a month for a much visible result. I ‘m having my second bottle now. Rose Vital

Program Monitor, ABS-CBN Philippines

This is so unbelievable! Just look at my pictures. I lost 29 lbs, in just 3 weeks and I haven’t even finished my first SnL pack yet! Only SnL gave me the results I wanted and I can’t thank this wonderful product enough. SnL client (as seen in flyer)

This is so unbelievable! Just look at my pictures. I lost 29lbs in just 3 weeks and I haven’t even finished my first SnL pack yet! Only SnL gave me the results I wanted and I can’t thank this wonderful product enough. Janice Desola

I was skeptical when I first tried SnL, pero immediately napansin ko na nabawasan yung mga hunger cravings ko and best of all, SnL seemed to have increased my energy. I only started 3 weeks ago and I have already lost 10lbs! Thanks to my friend Alex who introduced me to SnL! Rhea Pasig

I absolutely love SnL Dietary Supplements. Every weight loss supplement I have used in the past has always made me feel odd in one way or another. Hoodia has no bad side effects that I have noticed. My appetite went way, way down, I am able to stick to a low calorie, healthy diet and never feel tired. In two weeks, I’ve lost about 7 lbs; my goal is 15 lbs so I’m sure I’ll get there. Once I reach that goal, I’ll continue to use SnL to maintain my weight. T.R

After I’d failed using all the pills, capsules and tablets I could find I decided to go with the SnL Dietary Supplements. I was so happy to see that something finally did the trick for me — I lost 31 pounds in all… and it happened very quickly. You folks definitely know what you’re doing. Now that the fat is gone and the muscles are back my wife won’t say it but I can tell it’s made her very happy because we both knew how badly I wanted to regain my athletic look. J.K

My whole life I have been a heavy eater. Food is my weakness, and I am constantly reaching for snacks between meals. Well, that was until I started taking SnL Dietary Supplements. Now I never think about snacking. M.Y, Makati Philippines

SnL Dietary Supplements is wonderful. I have been taking it for two months now and have lost a total of 34 lbs. I feel better than I have in a long time. J.K, Ca

I have not been taking SnL Dietary Supplements very long – 2 weeks but I have lost 12 pounds and feel great. Drinking water as you recommend is a good idea. I feel comfortably full and my appetite is sated. No side effects I know of either. I will be happy to continue this program until I drop 25 lbs….then I’ll make adjustments. Good stuff! K.M.I, South Korea

Sa SnL Dietary supplements wala akong ganang kumain, nag burn ang fats ko while nag lilighten ang skin ko. Ms. Timmy, 32 years old.