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There seems to be no stopping the popularity of SnL Dietary Supplements as people around the world are beginning to take notice of its effectiveness and its one-of-a-kind formulation innovated yet again by Yumei Mise. As word about the benefits and the ever increasing weight-loss success stories from SnL spread via the internet, forums are currently abuzz with topics regarding SnL and hoodia gordonii. Demands and inquiries on how to order SnL have been steadily increasing as well.
Websearches on hoodia gordonii, l-carnitine and green tea extract lands SnL on the first page, testament to the increased traffic to the SnL website as well as links to forum discussion regarding SnL. Given the history of Yumei Mise as an innovator of highly effective and affordable products, this of course should come as no surprise.
The optimism of Yumei Mise company, despite the booming popularity of the relatively new SnL brand, remains guarded as they caution users of SnL, both longtime users and new alike, to be on guard at the expected onslaught of global detractors wanting to capitalize on the growing fame of the SnL brand.
A good example of this would be another manufacturer of another “weight-loss brand” who have been methodically visiting multiple weight-loss forums posting the same “negative” review about SnL among other products and even going as far as putting up several bogus product “review” websites to post the same “negative” review.
The “negative” review will have neither factual scientific basis nor studies backing up their claims. Its concern is just to to convince a few SnL users into trying the product that the people behind the bogus reviews are actually selling.
While underhanded marketing techniques like these are rather commonplace, what is alarming is that the product they are selling is not FDA approved and is just being sold in wild abandon on the internet. Further review of the contents of their product reveals that it even contains the dreaded fenfluramine-phentermine or fenphen, which gained notoriety at the turn of the millennium as studies showed that it causes irreversible heart problems and have been suspected of causing several fatalities in several areas around the world.
Yumei Mise through its website have since issued cautions to their users about such products going around the internet, especially those who have been riding on the popularity of SnL. The company at the same time assures that SnL still remains as one of safest and most effective weight loss supplement in the world today.
SnL Dietary Supplements is the first dietary supplement blend approved by the FDA in the Philippines with Hoodia Gordonii, arguably the world’s safest, naturally occurring appetite suppressant. Its active ingredient P57, have been studied and found out to have safe appetite suppressing qualities and it has been used safely by the bushmen of Kalahari Desert in Africa for centuries to stem their hunger for centuries during period of drought or during long hunting trips.
The much envied SnL blend also contains l-carnitine for fast conversion of stored body fats into energy, green tea extract which apart from being an effective fat burner is likewise a powerful antioxidant. Rounding up the excellent blend of SnL is GlutaNAC, a blend made famous by KB, another successful brand of Yumei Mise designed to effectively boost the glutathione levels in the body.
Yumei Mise has been a strong proponent of food supplement safety and pushes for the stricter regulations on products being traded on the internet. The company assures its loyal clients that SnL Dietary Supplement remains as one the world’s safest and most effective weight-loss supplements.
SnL Dietary Supplements is available in the Philippines at Mercury Drugstores, Watsons and other leading outlets. Local orders can also be attended to through the KB hotline number Phone: (+632) 728-5276 Loc. (+632) 635-6982
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. For international orders, inquiries, comments and suggestions, please visit the SnL website at http://www.slimnlight.com.