Our Product


1. It’s 1000mg product with 3 effects. Aggressive action leads to achieving faster results seen in less than 3 weeks.

2. The product to first bring Hoodia Gordonii in the Philippines.

3. The first product to be both FDA and HALA- approved and certified. Hoodia Gordonii is an African cactus coming from Sahara desert used by bushmen (or like igorot in the Philippines) to turn off their hunger.

4. It has also L Carnitine for fat burning and GlutaNAC for skin lightening.

5. available in Mercury, authorize seller and other leading drugstores nationwide.

6. Recommended by endocrinologists for the treatment of hypertension and diabetes. Ask doctors about it.

7. With over 70, 000 likes in Facebook.

8. Price is only Php50.00 per capsule of 1000mg. To be taken 30 minutes before meal. If too much obese, take 2 capsules a day –one in the morning and one in the evening, if possible.

A safer, faster and more effective way to lose weight

Being overweight often leads to other health ailments and complications.
Poor diet, lack of exercise and stress contribute weight gain. If left unchecked, carrying excess weight and obesity can easily cause more dangerous health problems like hypertension, diabetes, gout, heart problems, sleep disorders etc.

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle often leaves very little or no time at all for exercise and diet planning. This is why most people resort to alternative ways to lose weight. One simple way apart from physical exercise to lose excess poundage would be through supplements such as ephedra, stimulants and appetite suppressants which are often poses other more dangerous health risks.

There are safe alternatives however like l-carnitine that primarily helps speeds up the conversion of stored fat cells into energy to be used by the body. Apart from body fat to energy conversion however L-carnitine fails to address other variables to be an effective weight loss aid like curbing hunger and cravings.

SnL is a breakthrough weight-loss product to combine the natural fat burning qualities
of l-carnitine with hoodia gordonii. Hoodia Gordonii is a leafless succulent plant found
in South Africa and Namibia. Local bushmen have for years used it as an appetite suppressant during long hunting trips. Its active ingredient, P57 is credited with the appetite suppressing effect of hoodia gordonii.

Combined with l-carnitine, SnL makes full use of the appetite and hunger suppressing qualities of hoodia gordonii. Each capsule of SnL contains and equivalent of 20 kilos
of raw unprocessed hoodia gordonii. Coupled with the fat burning l-carnitine and hoodia gordonii, losing weight through supplementation is made easier and faster by SnL.

Apart from weight loss with the l-carnitine and hoodia blend, what also sets SnL apart from other weight loss products is that it is also formulated with green tea extract and glutaNAC for anti-oxidant and glutathione boosting effect. This makes SnL a very potent weight loss aid and anti-oxidizing supplement.

Available in Mercury Drug and other leading drug stores nationwide.